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Electrical Safety Testing Report

At Barwon Test and Tag we will inspect and test your workplace as part of our electrical testing service and we can provide a Hazard Identification Report where we highlight any real or potential electrical safety problems.

We work our way around your worksite and identify any particular electrical hazards such as piggy-backed or overloaded power boards, double adapters and equipment or leads in hazardous locations.

Tag and test asset register, Bellarine Peninsula

Our qualified technicians at Barwon Test and Tag can provide you with a test and tag assets register which has a useful bar-coded and numbered record of all your electrical assets. It includes the following for each item:

  • bar coded asset number
  • type of equipment (eg: monitor)
  • make of equipment
  • serial number
  • the site
  • location within the site

An electrical tag and test asset register is a great way to keep track of things for insurance or any other purpose. This report can serve as the annual audit which saves you time and money and, at Barwon Test and Tag, we are happy to add new assets to it at any time.